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Spring 2023

Kaitlin Peck. Internship: Water Quality and Climate Advocacy Intern for Haw River Assembly

Chloe Sherer. Internship: Market Bunch Expansion Intern with Carrboro Farmers' Market

Bladen Currier. Internship: Climate Action Plan and Sustainability Engagement and Education Intern with Orange County Sustainability Programs

Marie Roche and Jason Yan. Internship: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) and it's role in Sustainability Intern with Ackerman Center for Excellence in Sustainability

Kenaz Flores. Internship: Education and Outreach Intern with Triangle Land Conservancy

Natalie Williams. Internship: City Bird Communications Intern with City Bird

Silpitha Kapireddy, Emilie Patrick, and Meredith Stroud. Internship: Recycling Stars Internship with Orange County Solid Waste

Ashley Novak. Internship: Bird-window Collisions Monitoring Intern with City Bird

Caroline Parker. Internship: Water Communications Intern with The Nature Conservancy

Jenna Mayfield. Internship: Renewable Energy Intern with The Nature Conservancy

Alyssa Coleman. Internship: Undergraduate Policy Intern with North Carolina Policy Collaboratory

Rachael Cronin and Megan McKinsey. Internship: Sensory Trail Liaison with Chapel Hill Public Library

Maya Anderson Champion. Internship: Edible Campus Student Leadership Team Member with Edible Campus

Taylor Holbrooks and Kaya Johnson. Internship: Documentary Storytellers with Etheral Films

Stella Ervin and Devin Wilson. Internship: Sustainable Markets Intern with Dunning Capital Investment Banking

Grace Bell. Internship: Creek Week and Stormwater Intern with Carrboro Public Works

Katherine Katsoudas. Internship: Identifying Local Environmental Justice Advocacy Opportunities with North Carolina Conservation Network

Abigail Keller. Internship: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Storytelling Manager with Ackerman Center for Excellence in Sustainability

Gianluca Ciuffreda. Internship: Sustainability Intern with Town of Chapel Hill

Amy Xu. Online Sustainability Game Intern with Sustainable Carolina

Bill Wei. Energy Savings Intern with UNC Energy Management.


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