EcoStudio Presentations: Fall 2021

Presentations from other years

Fall 2021

Aivry Coleman. Internship: Drones and Forestry Management with CARDNL

Danielle Trossman. Internship: Water Usage Patterns Intern with UNC Energy Management

Bianca Washington. Internship: State of the Environment Report Internship with NC Conversation Network

Julia Faile. Internship: Community Solar Development with Emergi

Olivia Dagenhart. Internship: Watershed Contamination Research Intern with Sound Rivers

Natalie Johnson. Internship: Climate Finance and Investment Intern with UNC Center for Sustainable Enterprise

Noah Houseman. Internship: Fall 2021 Intern with NCSEA

Anna Panknin. Internship: Fall 2021 Sustaiable Markets Intern with Dunning Capital

Lillie Bridges. Internship: Sustainability Stewards Program Development Intern with Sustainable Carolina

Ariel Lam. Internship: Erosion Control and Stormwater Ordinance Intern with Siler City

Laura Tinkler. Internship: Green Thinking Intern with UNC Green Labs

Madison Williams. Internship: Environmental Communications Intern with the Institute for the Environment

Thomas Davids. Internship: Potential Impacts of Hydrogen Production Intern with The Nature Conservancy

Will Anderson. Internship: Sustainable Farming Intern with DPS Hub Farm


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